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eResources - Subject Specific Databases

Online access to eBooks, eVideos, journals, newspapers, Australian Standards and other databases

Subject Specific Databases - Quick Links

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Anatomy TV - by Primal Pictures

Anatomy TV - 3D Human Anatomy - medically accurate and detailed 
3D graphic renderings of human anatomy.

Modules include

  • 3D Atlas
  • 3D Real-time (only works in Chrome)
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Functional Anatomy – Sports injuries, Exercise, Yoga & Resistance Training
  • Clinical specialties – Dental Hygiene
  • Therapy – Massage, Acupuncture, Anatomy trains and Hand therapy
  • Quizzes and Activities

Password required - use your TAFE username and password.

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TAFE Staff - after logging in, access the Faculty area for images, animations, case studies and quizzes (that can be imported into Moodle).

Illawarra TAFE Staff can access a guide to find out how to log in.

Anatomy TV guides below - skip Logging In/Getting Started sections

Ancient and Medieval History

Logo of Ancient and Medieval HistoryAncient and Medieval History

This database by Infobase covers history from prehistory through the mid-15th century, with special Topic Centers on key civilizations and regions, including the ancient Near East, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, ancient Rome, ancient and medieval Africa, ancient and medieval Asia, the Americas, medieval Europe, and the Islamic World. Each civilization’s history is brought to life through articles, videos and slideshows, primary sources, and more. The period from the 15th century to present is covered by the Modern World History database. 


Staff login to AutoMate

Technical training for the automotive professional.  Available on and off campus for Riverina and Illawarra Automotive staff only. 

Access to AutoMate is managed by Riverina & Illawarra Libraries for Automotive teachers.

If you have forgotten your login details or for help, please contact Jo Clark, Manager Riverina Libraries.


Provides access to ChemWatch GoldFFX, which includes safety, toxicological and physical information on thousands of chemical products. Information is presented in internationally recognised Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

TAFE username and password required.

Clarity English - Road to IELTS, Active Reading and Tense Buster

Clarity English includes the following products: Road to IELTS, Active Reading and Tense Buster.

  • Recommended browsers are Google Chrome and Firefox. Note: The products do not work in Internet Explorer
  • AdobeFlash is required for Active Reading and may require downloading. Follow the instructions after logging in. It is possible to bypass downloading the update if using Firefox.
  • Password required - use your TAFE username and password.
  • Users can create an account or use the activities without logging in.
  • 50 concurrent licences for each product.


Road to IELTS - International English Language Testing System

Road to IELTS  is the British Council’s comprehensive, 100% online IELTS preparation and practice course. This includes over 300 interactive activities, 17 videos giving advice and tutorials, hints and tips and 36 practice tests. 2 options - General Training module or the Academic module. Limited access - 50 concurrent licences.

Active Reading - Learn to love reading! 

Active Reading helps you improve your reading skills. You will read different texts and learn many new reading skills. Throughout the program, learners work with texts which are relevant, stimulating and lively (topics include travel, fashion, gaming) each with a range of thought-provoking activities.

The program has six levels from Elementary to Advanced, with ten units in each level. Each unit has a topic and a focus on a reading skill or subskill. At the lower levels these include vocabulary strategies and understanding your purpose for reading. At the Advanced level students learn to infer meaning in a text and study structure and organisation. Limited access - 50 concurrent licences.

Tense Buster - Break through the grammar barrier! 

Tense Buster helps you improve your grammar in 33 key grammar areas from the simple present tense at the Elementary level to phrasal verbs at the Advanced level. It also helps with listening, vocabulary and study skills. 

Within each unit, learners both encounter and use a variety of text types from radio broadcasts to quizzes to newspaper articles. Each unit includes both controlled practice exercises and free activities to complete away from the computer.  Limited access - 50 concurrent licences.

CultureGrams World Edition

CultureGrams World Edition

CultureGrams® is a leading reference for concise and reliable cultural information on the countries of the world, providing country reports that go beyond mere facts and figures to deliver a one-of-a-kind perspective on daily life and culture, including the background, customs, and lifestyles of the world's people.

Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy

Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy - An innovative learning aid that allows students to examine virtual 3D dissections and immerse themselves in interactive research.

Tip: Works best with Google Chrome or other non IE browsers

Health Reference Center

Logo of the Water DirectorateHealth Reference Center

This Infobase database includes comprehensive, in-depth coverage of body systems, current health issues, major diseases and conditions, treatments, and procedures, as well as health and nutrition information specific to men, women, children, teens, and seniors. The up-to-date information comes from hundreds of authoritative sources, plus users can find thousands of videos, illustrations, journal articles from PubMed Central, and reference articles from MedlinePlus.


IBISWorld provides independent, comprehensive, and up to date research on over 500 Australian industries and companies, including statistics, analysis and forecasts in an easy-to-digest report format.

Password required - use your TAFE username and password.

General student access:

  • 500 ANZSIC industry reports - key statistics and analysis on market characteristics, operating conditions, current and historical performance, major industry participants, five-year forecasts (30 - 40 pages each)
  • more than 250 specialised reports by industry sector
  • 2,000 company reports - includes company history, brands and products, contact details and key personnel. It also details the business's operating and legal structure, financial data and industries of involvement (2 - 5 pages each).

Staff can also access:

  • 500 risk ratings reports, analysis of how much risk an industry, at the class level, will face over the next 18 months by assessing the operating conditions; industry structure, revenue outlook and key drivers
  • Industry Wizard - build custom lists covering industry performance, products and markets, competitive landscape or operating conditions
  • Company Wizard - build custom lists using 28,000 contacts from 10 key position types, filter lists by company and industry information


Infopest provides accurate, up-to-date information for the effective control of weeds, pests and diseases in a wide range of crops and livestock. It is the number one Agvet chemical database in Australia and features all chemicals registered and approved by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).

Registration required - follow the instructions below - you will need to use your TAFE NSW email address.

IVS Cloud

IVS Cloud

IVS Cloud by MIMS provides detailed product and prescribing information for veterinary practitioners, on veterinary medicines and products available throughout Australia. This product is an online version of IVS Annual.

TAFE username and password required for access

Joanna Briggs Institute - Evidence Based Practice Database

Joanna Briggs Institute database covers a wide range of medical, nursing, health science and aged care specialties.

The complete evidence-based practice (EBP) content set from the Australian Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) is now available via Ovid. The collection includes evidence summaries; evidence–based recommended practices; best practice information sheets; systematic reviews; consumer information sheets; systematic review protocols and technical reports. It also contains a collection of Lippincott Williams & Wilkins nursing and allied health eBooks.

TAFE username and password required for access

MIMS Online

MIMS Online incorporates data from MIMS abbreviated and full medicines information, product images and consumer medicines information, thus offering convenient access to essential information for prescription and non-prescription medicines.

TAFE username and password required for access

Need help? Try the Help and FAQs available after logging in to MIMS Online.

Modern World History

Logo of Modern World HistoryModern World History

This Infobase database covers world history from the mid-15th century to the present with thousands of subject entries, biographies, images, videos and slideshows, maps and graphs, primary sources, and timelines combine to provide a detailed and comparative view of the people, places, events, and ideas that have defined modern world history. The period from prehistory through to mid-15th century is covered by the Ancient and Medieval History database.

PlantFile Online

PlantFile Online contains detailed information on more than 3000 plants, 20,000+ images of plants, insects & diseases.

Password required - use your TAFE username and password.

Tip: Works best with Google Chrome or other non IE browsers

Extra features - Personal storage, quiz, myPlantFile and printing: After logging in through the link above, you can create a personal account free of charge. Click on Subscribe - and fill in the form. An email will be sent to verify your account. 
Watch the video tutorials below:

1 - Registration, Saving plants to a file and the Quiz

2 - Adding your own plants, User Data Input

Science Online

Science Online

This InfoBase database offers expansive reference coverage of the full range of scientific disciplines through extensive essays, videos, images, animations, diagrams, definitions, interactives, and experiments. Comprehensive Topic Centers help students find a starting point for their research, and the science eLearning modules cover core topics with Teacher Support.

Small Business Builder

Small Business Builder  A step-by-step online planning tool for starting, managing and optimizing a business or non-profit organization or non-profit organization. The program’s intuitive dashboard walks users through five areas of exploration to develop a business plan focused on long-term success. After logging on, create a personal account to set up your own individual business plan which can include creating financial projections, break-even analysis etc..

TAFE username and password required for access

Water Directorate resources

Logo of the Water DirectorateWater Directorate resources

The Water Directorate provides technical information to member councils in NSW local government areas on water and sewerage operations.

Conditions of use: Access is restricted to current TAFE NSW students and staff. These resources cannot be downloaded and used for purposes other than study. They cannot be used in your workplace or for other purposes than educational use. To obtain access to these resources for non-educational use, please contact the Water Directorate.

Writer's Reference Center


Writer's Reference Center provides users with a one-stop location for all of the tools necessary to write and research effectively.

From the mechanics of writing and grammar to style and research, this resource covers the fundamentals of quality writing, provides vocabulary-building dictionaries, and presents a step-by-step guide to writing a good essay. Also included are: top grammar errors, often confused words and the most common punctuation mistakes.