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Social Justice and Human Rights - Welcome

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Justice Maze

Explains the NSW court and prison system in a way that avoids jargon and complicated legal language. It is directed at those people who are unfamiliar with the processes involved with arrest, trial and imprisonment of a family member or friend. Produced by Community Restorative Centre (CRC)

Justice Journey

Information for victims of crime about going to court in New South Wales, Australia. From JusticeNSW.

A series of 10 short videos. Click here to go to the web page.

How Laws are Made

Watch this short animation from the Parliament of Victoria to understand how laws are made.

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Living with the enemy

Living with the enemy explores differences that may impact on social cohesion in Australia by asking people to live with others whose lifestyles and beliefs directly contradict their own.

Bringing Them Home

 Bringing Them Home : Stories of the Stolen Generations.
The Australian Human Rights Commission launched this website to continue educating Australian teachers, students, and the public, about the Bringing them Home report and the Stolen Generations.  In addition to a series of curriculum mapped teaching resources, the website features information about the Bringing them Home report and personal stories from members of the Stolen Generations and their families.