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Working with LibGuides - Home and Training

A How To Guide for Library Staff

LibGuides - How To Guide for Library Staff

  Working with LibGuides - A How to Guide for Library Staff

  Procedures and guidelines for TAFE NSW Illawarra library staff
  with links to related Springshare LibGuides help guides.

  This How To guide covers:

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Support: If you have any problems with LibGuides editing, please contact Sandra Duffy @ Wollongong. (phone 64502)  If necessary, a support request will be logged with Springshare.

Official Help Guides from Springshare

Please use the Springshare guides below in conjunction with the Illawarra procedures on this guide.

Need more help from Springshare? Click on     Help   on the Command Bar of any guide and search.

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Training Videos

Basic Guides

Other Springshare Guides - for Advanced Users and Admins

LibGuides Team - TAFE NSW Illawarra


Sandra - Wollongong    Phone 4229 0502  (VOIP 64502)

Sonia - Wollongong   Phone 4229 0501 (VOIP 64501)

Liza - Wollongong West    Phone 4222 2809 (VOIP 68809)

TAFE NSW LibGuides User Group

Lesley M - Illawarra subregion representative

TAFE NSW LibAnswers/LibChat Team

Sonia - Illawarra subregion representative

Faculty Team Leaders

Lesley M - Human Services, Tourism and Hospitality   Phone 4421 9884 (VOIP 54884)

Kerry - Business and Education   Phone 4229 0505 (VOIP 37841)

Regina - Trades and Technology   Phone 4823 1841 (VOIP 64505)

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